The Burntwood Scene

Well.. Ya Know.. Doe Ya!

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What's Your Beef?

Watch the third film from Lazy Eye productions here

Part 1:


Part 2



Karl Doyle:

Frontside boardslide with shuv-it out -- Karl fb shuv.avi

Nollie flip to fakie on a 'PHAT' bank -- Karl nollie flip.avi

Backside kickflip over the park hip -- Karl bs flip hip.avi

Frontside boardslide on driveway rail -- Karl frontboard.avi

Backside Tailslide at Summertown -- Karl bs tail.avi

Backside flip @ devonshire green (lo res) -- Karl bs flip shef.avi

Fronside flip over hyde parks hip (lo res) -- Karl fs flip hyde.avi

Backside nollie flip millhouses hip (lo res) -- Karl bs noll mill.avi

Backlip thin steel @ the works -- Karl backlip.avi

Jarrod Shepherd

Fullcab over the park hip -- Jarod cab hip.avi

Various grinds on Summertown block (Large File) -- Jared block 

Backside flip over devonshire green hip (lo - res) -- Jarod bs flip shef.avi

Frontside boardslide long flat bar (lo - res) -- Jared fb.avi

Tre' flip over Hyde Park hip (lo - res) -- Jarod tre flip hyde.avi

Front crook millhouses block, with steez! (lo res) -- Jarod fs crook.avi

bs flip up wembley gap (lo res) -- Jarod bs flip wemb.avi

tre up wembley gap (lo res) -- Jarod tre wemb.avi

Bigspin flip over hyde park hip (lo res) -- Jared bigspin flip.avi

Backside heel over hyde park hip (lo res) -- Jarod bs heel.avi

Nollie backside 50.50 in burntwood (lo res) -- jarod nol bs 50 50.avi

Kickflip warrington big 6 (lo res) -- Jarod set flip.avi

*NEW* Backsmith brum wembley gap -- Jarod smith wemb.avi

Ben Sheldon

Backside 360 over the park hip -- Ben Bs

360' flip over the park hip (Lo - res) -- Ben tre

Frontside tailslide down park block to fakie -- Ben

Nollie flip over the hip -- Ben nollie flip

Nose slide park block (Lo - res) -- Ben ns

Switch crooks, Fakie flip, Fakie tre' (large file) -- ben switch crooks (line).mov

*NEW* Fakie frontside flip millhouses hip (Lo - res) -- Ben fakie fs

Lee McMahon

Frontside boardslide on a Brum park rail -- Lee Front

Crooks on a long rail -- Lee long

Melon over the works hip -- Lee

Crooks on a skinny rail -- Lee Small

Backside flip millhouses hip (lo res) -- Lee bs flip

Feeble along Epic steel (lo - res) -- Lee

Crook 'Oop North' @ Millhouses (lo res) -- Lee crook

Flip fakie quarter gap @ Epic (lo res) -- Lee flip

*NEW* Nose slide on stoke rail (lo res) -- Lee rail

*NEW* Feeble another stokie rail (lo res) -- lee feeble

*NEW* Crook on stokie rail (lo res) -- Lee stoke


50.50 burntwood driveway -- Kieron 50.50.avi

Fakie flip on burntwood bank -- Kieron fakie flip.avi

Filp off Burntwood small ledge -- Kieron flip.avi

Flip over Burntwood hip -- Kieron hip flip.avi

Big ledge ollie -- Kieron ledge.avi

Nollie flip on Burntwood bank -- Kieron nol flip.avi

Sam Osborne

Crooked on a brum park rail (lo res) -- Sam

Crooks along a brum flat bar (lo res) -- Sam flatbar

5.0 grind 180 out along derby block (lo res) -- Sam 5.0

*NEW* Nose slide @ Derby -- Sam ns

Mark Fern

50.50 Burntwood ledge (lo res) -- Mark 50 50 bwood.avi

Boardslide on works rail (lo res) -- Mark Boardslide @ leeds.avi

50.50 millhouses hubba (lo res) -- Mark hubba 50 50.avi

Crook in Burntwood (lo res) -- mark crook.avi

Boardslide stoke rail (lo res) -- mark stoke boardslide.avi

*NEW* Backside flip Burntwood bank -- Mark bs flip.avi


Sprog - Heelflip up wembly gap -- Sprog heel

Sprog - Fs shuv up wembly gap -- Sprog